Tips to deal with the distracting backgrounds in photographs.

Tips to deal with the distracting backgrounds in photographs.

A right background will always enhance the presence and beauty of your subject in the photograph. The background has the significant role in your photo, and can make or break your work. Hence, it is important for the photographer to be careful while choosing the background for his/her photograph. Today, in the era of digital photography, capturing need not be perfect; the photograph can be made perfect while editing. A number of editing software applications are available online or can be downloaded and used on your PC. So, if you are not happy with the background after the shoot, then you can use an app to change the background color of photo. Many apps are free of cost, while some apps are to be paid.

Editing software applications are always there to help you. But, you should also know how to deal with distracting background and get your shoot right. Here are few tips:

1.Bright strokes, patches in the background are always distracting that can snatch attention from the subject. Hence, before releasing the shutter button, it would always be better if you scan the background for things that don’t fit in the image.

2.If you are not able to move the subject or the distraction, you can try changing the shooting angle. This change can hide the distractions or put them out of the frame.

3. For your subject to be highlighted, you can choose to blur the background. When the background is thrown out of focus, the viewers will naturally get attracted to the subject. Wide apertures give more blurry background.

4. If your subject completely occupies the background, then, there will be no questions of background distractions appearing in the frame. You can either move close to your subject or can use the zoom lens. Close-up shots will have a high impact on the viewers.

5.You can always create your own background with some creativity. Shuffling the objects, different poses of the subject, vantage points are some of the things that can result in a great background.